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Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Beginnings many times a year

Wow, yes, now I am seeing more clearly what I was always worried about when creating this "blog adventure". If I start anything, a blog, a hobby, a new habit, for some reason it is hard for me to stay with it for more then a few weeks. During last month many things came in between me and my blog, our vacation, baby J's first birthday (oh how cute;0)), Irene, lack of sleep, lack of time...and then what... well if you are a parent you know, I could always find a reason not to come back and write and create...

I didn't create as much as I hoped I would through the summer, better say I "created" very little. I made one skirt, my first ever real sewing project(!). It took a lot out of me since I am basically an 8-year old learning all the little important things about sewing. The tutorial I found on this amazing blog:  blog for skirt tutorial

My other sewing ideas haven't been developed any further. I am hoping the cold weather will help;0)

One of my other favorite blogs is this one. Just the name alone makes me want to visit it every day. Here I also found the idea for those amazing tissue paper pompoms, which I made for baby J's first birthday party.

Most of the other stuff is way to advanced for me right now. I am just struck by how much all those amazing women do all day and what they get accomplished. I basically get stuck with the laundry and dishes and fall into bed...well most nights we do watch an episode of Voyager though...PROBLEM, because this is the only time for me to do different things, to learn how to sew for example, or to write or to do yoga ....

Anyways, I named this post New Beginnings, because I am hoping for more energy towards my goals, fun ideas and great projects. Over the last two weeks I have started to jog again, which can only mean things are getting more "me-focused". I also started a more structured day with princes L (fall is a great motivator, during the summer things have been slow), we started to have a schedule, "school time", themed projects and talks. Unfortunately school is starting tomorrow so we will not see her on three mornings a week, which will be hard and sad for me and baby J. But on the other hand, we will have time for a baby-dip class at the local Y, as well as some "me-time" in the event of a nap;0)

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