Let me be still and listen...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

this week...

I read an article yesterday. I cried, but I kept reading. I usually try to avoid anything involving ill children, because I start sobbing the minute they start sharing their story. The picture I saw, reminded me very strongly of my own little boy. But I had to read it. Somehow I just realized in that moment, that I cannot continue to close my eyes, just because we are "the lucky ones". How do we know, if we are anyways.

We have to watch, we have to listen and we have to remind ourselves every single day, that life is so precious, unpredictable, and at many times it seems so very unfair. We have to be grateful for every moment with our families. Try not to sweat the small stuff. It all sounds so cliche, but that's what it comes down to. Be thankful.

I try to talk about being thankful at the dinner table, I try to remember to count at least five little things I am grateful for in addition to having my family around, before I go to sleep.

And yesterday and for many days in the future I will also be thankful for this letter of the Dragon Mom. I was amazed by her strength, by her beautiful writing and her love, which she shares with us. I will keep her and her family in my heart for the rest of my life. I will send her love many times I look into my sons eyes. I will cry many more tears for her and every other parent losing their child. I will hug my kids a little longer, smell their skin, listen to their laughs, hold their little hands. I will breath in more consciously, knowing that all this is a privilege. A treat. Life is a treat.

Notes from a Dragon Mom


Monday, October 10, 2011

We are sleeping!

Just a quick update on earlier posts: We are finally sleeping. Baby J is now being put to bed, with reading a book, snuggling, nursing and singing. Then we put him down, very much against his will, but he resists only for seconds, and leave the room. As soon as I have left, he stops complaining and falls asleep....!!! Without any further action, just like that. Wow, I must say, I am amazed. All the hours of rocking, nursing, holding, back padding and now this. Just like that. I know his sister wasn't that easy, but he seems to be just fine. Can you believe it. I can get some sleep now and be a better person all around. So I am hitting the pillow now and will be all refreshed and full of energy and ideas tomorrow. Sleep well everyone. Talk soon.

Oh, yes, it looks like we are buying the house;0)

Good night.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Moves and more changes

Well, sometimes all that it takes is a good ol' girl's night out to change your focus and remember what your dreams are. After many many months of confinement I actually went out last night and had a blast. I caught up with a good friend who turns out to be one big famous blogger;0) Check it out, that girl is TALENTED! All this for them is one cute place for fun ideas and inspiration. Thank you Mary Jo, I hope one day I will be as productive as you! And of course thank you for a fun night out!

I have been absent again, because we have been exploring the real estate market more closely the last few weeks and it turns out we might have found a nice house. Let's cross our fingers, but I believe we may be moving. After almost 10 years city life we will explore a more remote life style, living about 35 minutes from the bigger city in the area. We were looking for something like that because we yearning for a more quiet and calming surrounding for our little ones and us of course. Now that said in the final days before signing the purchase and sale we getting a little nervous and are hoping to find one clear answer to our question: Are we doing the right thing? I doubt we will find the answer at this moment, but I have a feeling we should proceed after all. The commitment puts quite some pressure on us, but we have just hours to decide. So please bare with us and I will let you know in the next couple of days.

Have a great weekend everyone.