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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy New Year

Yeeaah, I am back;0) The new year has started and we all have had to already fill out some forms with the new year number 2012...I hope you guys remembered;0) For us here in our new home things are VERY SLOWLY getting settled. Two rooms still have many boxes with a couple of them still even unopened. Some new furniture is needed here and there, which I believe will be the case for a while. Money obviously is not as easy to come by when you just bought a house.

Hubby's and my tastes also could not be more different from each other, so can you imagine us all 4 heading to the store, J Junior taking of as soon as his feet hit the ground and us trying to maneuver through huge halls filled with all kind of furniture, decor, customers and very eager shopping assistants.  Now try to discuss styles, possibilities and preferences...Ha! Well, we need to do a lot more prep work ahead of time...We do have a lot of that and over the next years we will make it nice here, I am sure.Maybe I will even be able to show of some decorating project throughout the process. So far I haven't touched a thing...it's been boxes, laundry, dinners, playgroups and doctor visits.

The holidays went very well, we were actually in Colorado this year. It was beautiful and we DID have a white Christmas. Which we wouldn't have had here on the East Coast. It was so wonderful to be with family and our hosts, my sister- and brother-in-law really put such a great effort into trying to make us feel well. I am very grateful for such a special time. We had a blast and I hope to repeat that soon again.

Everything else though has been very slow for me, the move, Thanksgiving, princess L's birthday and our trip were all such a great adventure and exiting to go through, but it also took a toll on us. We are exhausted and in great need of a break. On top of things I seem to be having a greater difficulty then I ever had with a move. I had mentioned it in an earlier post, but at the time, I believed those issues were merely related to the fact that I was packing and taking care of the kids and the household at the same time. Now that we are here, I am realizing that there is actually more to it. What it is, I am still not hundred percent sure of, probably a combination of issues.

On one hand I am missing the things we got used to over the past years, stores, parks, people, walks, although I never liked them as much, since it wasn't very pretty where we lived. I also started to wonder, if this is what I want my children to grow up in...It is a very different life from what I lived back in Germany. We walked everywhere, we took buses, trains, we biked. Here we don't leave the house without a car. There is just nothing else to walk to. So you may wonder, didn't I know that before we bought the house...of course I did. But throughout my life I seem to think through possible problems very differently until I actually live through them. As my friend has reminded me, I just have to give it some time. There are worse things then feeling homesick. I make an effort at night, when I go to bed, to say thank you for the good things in my life. We are lucky, we have a beautiful family, lovely healthy children and that's all that counts.

I am sure you guys will hear more of my whining, so I will relieve you for today;0) Have a wonderful weekend. Much love and sleep to all of you. Namaste, Romy

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