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Monday, October 10, 2011

We are sleeping!

Just a quick update on earlier posts: We are finally sleeping. Baby J is now being put to bed, with reading a book, snuggling, nursing and singing. Then we put him down, very much against his will, but he resists only for seconds, and leave the room. As soon as I have left, he stops complaining and falls asleep....!!! Without any further action, just like that. Wow, I must say, I am amazed. All the hours of rocking, nursing, holding, back padding and now this. Just like that. I know his sister wasn't that easy, but he seems to be just fine. Can you believe it. I can get some sleep now and be a better person all around. So I am hitting the pillow now and will be all refreshed and full of energy and ideas tomorrow. Sleep well everyone. Talk soon.

Oh, yes, it looks like we are buying the house;0)

Good night.

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