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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dear Friends and Readers,

why mindful, why hippo? Why the mindful hippo? So many reasons and no reason at all.

I am a mother, a wife, in my mid-thirties and I am trying to change my life, my outlook, and maybe someone else's afternoon.

I also am very interested in topics such as healthy diets (for my children), saving energy, greener cleaning, more conscious parenting styles, yoga, making things and saving trees. Yes I do love trees, but more of that later.

After my first baby was born more then 4 years ago I started taking several classes on topics such as mindful parenting, systematic training for effective parenting, yoga and meditation. I had been practicing yoga for 10 years by then, mostly at home by myself, but the concept of doing something in a more mindfully oriented approach appealed to me more and more. That said, I still do many things without putting any mindfulness or yogi spirit to the process and if it involves my children I usually pay for it very quickly.

And of course I also like to chat and share my day to day issues that come along with being a full time mother, a want-to-be-cook, -teacher, -entertainer, -decorator, -yogi, -artist, -skinny bitch with many more buns in the oven;0) We actually had another baby about one year ago and I just turned 35 so that last part will very much likely stay in a “want-to-be”-category.

Oh and I do LOVE making things. Well in theory... I would love to show off my latest projects I created after years of sewing, knitting, baking and shaking...well, I am just starting, though I do have a couple of projects in my head and on the paper. And I believe that this blog will motivate me to get things going so I have something else to share. So please be on the lookout, this year will be different, things will change and we will create things here at the mindful hippo;0)

The hippo, yes, the hippo apparently is one of the more ill-tempered animals, grouchy and big. I do find it cute though! With it's big jaws, sitting in the water yawning.. I wouldn't compare my temper directly with the one of the hippo, but I am not a very quiet person who just takes things as he or she goes. Sometimes life would be easier for me if I could just shut my mouth, cool my temper and address the issue with more.....well yes mindfulness.  I think we are getting the picture.

Unfortunately or ironically the hippo's size has inspired me as well, since I do have a little weight issue myself, which I am addressing by counting points, exercising, failing at that and restarting the process over and over. Serious mindfulness needs to be applied in this area as well...

So thank you for coming to my blog, read through whatever interests you, take what you like and leave the rest... Let's see if I make it through this month with my writing and hope what you saw here made you feel like returning.


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